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The Widow Maker $7820 (Save $1954)

For those who plan ahead… This package includes a year of aggressive anti-aging products and services designed to keep you looking good and feeling good as you age. Includes 2 Halo® laser treatment, 4 Forever Young BBL® treatments, dermal fillers, neuro-inhibitors* (wrinkle relaxer), ZO® Anti-aging kits and 2 Microdermabrasion treatments with HydroPlus+.  Just make sure you have a black dress!

Pause… Not Menopause $4656 (Save $1164)

A great way to pause aging and look years younger! This package includes 1 Halo® Laser with 1 BBL® treatment.  Artistic Restoration Lift and injection of neuro-inhibitors* (wrinkle relaxer).

Go Naked! $3590 (Save $210)

With this package, you can leave the house without any make-up! Includes Sculptra® (4 vials) and 1 Halo® Laser treatment.

Out with the Old, In with the New $3723 (Save $657)

This customized package targets skin damage that make us look old and restores the luminous glow you had when you were younger.  Includes 2 Halo® Laser treatments and 4 Forever Young BBL® treatments.

Burn, Baby, Burn $2975 (Save $525)

Melt away stubborn fat and tighten lax skin with this package.   Includes 1 area (4 pk) of SculpSure® and 6 SkinTyte™ sessions. It’ll have you saying “Turn up the Heat!”

Cheeks & Booty $2210 (Save $390)

Plump up your cheeks and sculpt your booty (or other body region) with this package that includes 1 area (4 pk) SculpSure® treatment and volumizing dermal filler to restore volume to your facial cheeks while reducing volume elsewhere!

Keep ‘em Guessing $2567 (Save $453)

This soft and subtle treatment package is designed to restore your skin’s radiance, reduce fine lines and replace lost volume for a natural, more youthful look.  Your friends will want to know your secret… shhh we won’t tell! Includes 1 Halo® laser, volumizing dermal filler and neuro-inhibitors* (wrinkle relaxer).

Fountain of Youth $1890 (Save $333)

Turn back the hands of time with this package. Scientifically proven to reverse skin damage and restore the youthful function of your skin! Look younger as you age! Package includes 4 Forever Young BBL® treatments with 2 ZO® Aggressive Anti-aging skin care kits.

High Five!! $1772 (Save $312)

Face to Face, hand to hand…. Don’t let your hands reveal your age.  This package includes 3 BBL® treatments and volumizing dermal filler to plump and replenish the backs of your hands.

Eye Opener $794 (Save $88)

The eyes are the windows to the soul.  Look as young as you feel on the inside with this package which includes 1 eyebrow threading, dermal fillers and Instatox (instantly tightens and smooths) to reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles.

Duckface… just say “No!” $495 (Save $55)

We’ve all seen them… overly done lips that scream “I’ve been injected!” At Premier Skin Clinic, our expert injectors will smooth fine lines and accentuate your lips in a natural, subtle way.  Includes dermal filler and 1 lip threading.  You’ll want to pucker up after this treatment!


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