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The products you use at home are essential to maintaining the results of the aesthetic treatments you receive at Premier Skin Clinic. That’s why we offer a variety of professional (medical-grade) skincare and wellness products to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

NOON Aesthetics

Premier Skin Clinic is the exclusive provider of NOON Aesthetics skin care in Northern Colorado! NOON Aesthetics is the first medical grade skin care line to offer DermShield technology!

Using DermShield, a proprietary breakthrough approach to skincare, NOON Aesthetics empowers professional
skincare providers to deliver highly effective, safe, and irritation-free treatments leading to healthy & beautiful skin for all.

DermShield technology enables the use of high concentration levels of active ingredients without the risk of side effects
on all skin types, all year round!

ZO® Skincare

Developed by a world-renowned dermatologist, ZO® Skincare products have prioritized healthy skin, as opposed to only treating damage or disease. This professional skincare product line offers a wide spectrum of options. This helps our skin experts select and recommend specific products that will work for your individual needs—or offer a more comprehensive home-skincare regimen that includes toners, creams, cleansers, antioxidant repair, and more.


Protecting our skin from the sun is essential not only to keep us healthy and protected from skin cancers; but also to keep our skin looking soft and youthful. EltaMD® is our top choice when it comes to high-quality sun protection and sunscreens!

BioTE® Nutraceuticals

Skincare doesn’t stop at the surface. In fact, our experts often have discussions with clients about everything from diet and nutrition to lifestyle, body changes such as menopause, and other underlying medical issues that might cause breakouts and other aesthetic and wellness concerns. BioTE® is a hormone supplement program that uses ingredients already naturally found within the body to help restore a healthy balance to our clients’ hormone levels and get them on track to success.

BioTE® Nutraceuticals are nutritional supplements that promote overall health and well-being throughout your hormone therapy treatments with BioTE®.

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