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2021 and COVID Vaccine

Uncategorized / January 5, 2021

Let’s learn from 2020 and make 2021 our best year yet! Let’s resolve to take care of ourselves and all those surrounding us, both loved ones and strangers. We’ve all heard it before, “we’re all in this together”, but it is true. No man stands alone and together we are stronger and better! Let’s keep each other safe and continue to wear our masks and social distance until the danger of COVID is eradicated. Please get the vaccine!

I am aware of the concerns many have regarding the vaccine. The vaccine has been scrutinized much closer than vaccines in the past. Some are concerned about the “rush” of the vaccine. I think it’s a testament to what we can do when we work together toward one goal. The development of the vaccines have had the support and resources of the world’s finest experts working together, united. No, we don’t know the longterm consequences of the vaccines if there are any. But we are starting to see long term consequences of those who have survived COVID. In my own experience, I have seen colleagues that survived COVID but now have debilitating shortness of breath, tremors and PTSD. Thousands of educated, experienced health care workers across the nation are rushing to get the vaccine…what better testament to the importance of receiving it?

For those who receive dermal fillers…yes, there are reported cases of inflammatory reaction to dermal fillers post vaccine. In Moderna’s trial, there were three reported cases of an inflammatory reaction. There were over 30,000 participants in the study. We are not certain of the number of participants that had fillers as this information was not obtained. Two of the participants had cheek fillers six months prior to receiving the vaccine, one had lip filler two weeks after receiving the vaccine. All three participants were easily treated with steroids and anti histamines. Let’s be clear…this is not a new phenomenon. Other vaccines have been known to cause this type of reaction with fillers and Botox, including the flu and tetanus vaccines. It is not unique to the COVID vaccine and has been understood by aesthetic providers for years. It is only because of the close scrutiny placed on the COVID vaccine that this has come to the forefront. Again, inflammatory reaction to dermal fillers and Botox can happen post vaccine but it is uncommon and more importantly, easily treated. Receiving dermal fillers is NOT a reason to avoid the vaccine!

I hope 2021 is a year full of blessings and good health for each of you!

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