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Microneedling: Why Stampers are Better Than Rollers

Aesthetics / January 25, 2024

Microneedling: Why Stampers are Better Than Rollers

At Premier Skin Clinic, safety and efficacy top our priority list for our clients, which is why we only use stampers for microneedling procedures. In this blog, we’ll explain the differences between stampers and rollers and why stampers are the superior choice when it comes to microneedling.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling works by harnessing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to rejuvenate and resurface skin. During the procedure, a specialized device equipped with tiny needles creates controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. These micro-injuries stimulate the skin’s natural repair process, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.


Collagen, known for its role in maintaining skin elasticity, and elastin, responsible for skin firmness, work together to revitalize the skin. Microneedling also enhances the absorption of topical skin products, enhancing your results.

What does microneedling treat?

Microneedling creates firmer, smoother, more radiant skin. It addresses concerns like:

  • Scarring, including acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Poor skin texture
  • Stretch marks
  • Discoloration, including brown spots
  • Fine lines


What does microneedling feel like?

After cleansing and sanitizing your skin, our practitioners apply a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort from microneedling. We then wait 30-45 minutes for the numbing cream to reach peak efficacy before beginning your procedure. Some patients feel pressure and a mild scratching sensation, but every person is different – some feel nothing at all, while others are more sensitive.


Following treatment, a slight burning sensation, similar to a sunburn, is common. For most patients, this calms down after a few hours.


What are microneedling rollers (or derma rollers)?

Microneedling rollers, also known as “derma rollers,” feature a cylindrical roller covered with tiny needles. Rollers are designed to create injuries to the skin’s surface, promoting collagen and elastin production. Rollers are intended to offer a generalized, one-size-fits-most approach to microneedling.


Why are stampers better for microneedling than rollers?

Because of their shape and the motion used to move rollers, they tug at skin as they move across its surface. While micro-injuries are the goal of microneedling, this tugging creates tears, rather than straight needle holes, that can actually increase scarring and worsen skin texture. Needle depth and skin coverage are also far less customizable with rollers than with stampers.


We only use stampers in our practice, because they are:



Micro-needling stampers are designed with precision in mind. Unlike rollers that cover a larger surface area, stampers provide targeted and controlled penetration. This precision allows for more accurate and consistent treatment, especially in areas that require meticulous attention such as around the eyes or mouth.



The controlled and precise nature of stampers stimulates collagen and elastin production effectively. This natural boost helps in firming and tightening the skin, resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion over time. Stampers are just as effective as rollers, without the same side effects.


Target a Wider Range of Concerns


Stampers offer adjustable needle depths, allowing our skilled practitioners at Premier to tailor the treatment according to individual skin concerns. Whether addressing fine lines, acne scars, or uneven texture, the ability to customize needle depth ensures optimal results for each unique skin type.


Licensed estheticians in Colorado may only use microneedling devices that target a depth of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. The nurses and physicians in our office, on the other hand, can perform intensive treatment up to 2.5 mm for maximum results.


Reduce Downtime and Discomfort

Thanks to their controlled application, stampers often result in reduced downtime and discomfort compared to rollers. The targeted approach avoids tearing and minimizes trauma to the skin, leading to quicker recovery and less post-treatment redness or swelling.



Stampers cater to a wide range of skin types, making them a versatile choice for our diverse clientele. Whether you have sensitive, oily, or combination skin, our practitioners can adjust the settings on the stampers to suit your specific needs.



Stampers come with built-in safety features, such as disposable needle cartridges and sterile tips. This ensures a hygienic and safe procedure for our clients, minimizing the risk of infection and promoting the overall well-being of your skin.


Are at-home microneedling rollers safe to use?

No! While microneedling rollers, or “derma rollers,” are now widely available for home use, it is very difficult for someone who is untrained to get effective results without causing permanent damage to skin with these tools. When we see clients who have used at-home rollers, we often notice that they have increased facial scarring using this method, rather than decreased it.


In addition, it is virtually impossible to recreate the hygiene standards of a medical office in your own home, leaving you vulnerable to infection and acne breakouts – two things you absolutely want to avoid if smoother skin is your goal.


At Premier Skin Clinic,  we believe in providing our clients with the latest and most effective skincare solutions. The choice between micro-needling stampers and rollers is clear – precision, customization, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety make stampers the only option in our office.

Call us at 970-221-1285 to schedule your  microneedling appointment in Fort Collins today and let your skin shine with the brilliance it deserves!


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